Healthy, Safe and Green

At the Village Herb Farm, we grow and pack the finest quality culinary herbs for the supermarket trade. We present these herbs either as pre-packs in stay fresh plastic bags, or as bunches packed into sleeves.

Growing herbsThe directors and staff of Village Herb Farm have a commitment to providing our customers with safe, high quality produce in accordance with the customer’s specification and requirements.

We are “bee and butterfly friendly” and have minimised use of chemicals on the farm to substances with no residual effect. We employ ‘Good’ bugs to keep the ‘Bad’ under control, and regularly release predatory species. For example, we use microscopic Encarsia wasps to control whitefly.

Input into all quality and safety issues is welcomed from employees and customers. Recommendations are evaluated by the processing manager and the farm manager and incorporated into our program if deemed to be an improvement.

The Village Herb Farm implements three major standards:

  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices): this focuses on four basic components of production: soil, water, hands, and surfaces. By developing guidelines to address potential risks associated with each component, both quality and safety of harvested produce can be enhanced.
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): the cornerstone of food quality and safety. GMP includes a food safety plan that incorporates water, product and facility testing.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) – a systematic 7-step process that identifies “Critical Control Points” in the production process and seeks to eliminate risk posed at those points.

HACCP AustraliaWe have written procedures for all three processes, with monitoring and verification implemented to ensure procedures are carried out and achieve requirements. An audit every six months certifies we do as we say.

Our customers are our business and our business is our livelihood. Our total commitment is to our customers and their need to have confidence in our ability to supply safe, quality products.