Continental Parsley

Italian ParsleyContinental or Italian Parsley is the same species as Curly Parsley – but has a somewhat stronger flavour and the leaves are larger and flatter. It’s especially popular in southern European, north African and middle eastern cuisine.

In Italian cookery continental parsley is the most popular and frequently-used herb. It’s a wonderful complement to a wide range of dishes and pasta sauces – especially seafood and vegetable sauces. The only sauces in which parsley is typically not used are cream-based ones.

Parsley enhances taste and texture of just about all seafood preparations. It’s also frequently used in vegetable side dishes such as, zucchini, peppers and eggplant – and in salads and soups.

Parsley is perfect for soothing powerful flavors, making it an ideal complement to spicy dishes.

Although often used in dried form, parsley is always at it’s best fresh. That’s what we sell at the Village Herb Farm – delicious fresh herbs that  sing to your taste-buds..


Italian Parsley