MintFresh mint is THE way to enjoy boiled new potatoes, it’s wonderful with peas – and Mint can also be used in infusions to stimulate digestion, soothe sore gums and just to enjoy. Rumour has it Mint enhances libido too!

History and Botany

Spearmint, or Garden Mint was introduced into the British Isles by the Romans, and it originated in the Mediterranean area. It was mentioned by Pliny, who wrote that it “brings out a person’s desire for meat.” This certainly holds true, as lamb with mint sauce is a familiar dish these days.

Other uses

In the 14th century it was used for whitening teeth, and nowadays we have mint-flavoured toothpastes.

John Gerard (1545-1612) and Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), who wrote herbals, talk about it as a herb which increases libido

You can drink boiled mint water to cure hiccups, and if you rub the leaves over your tongue, it will take away any feeling of roughness. You can use it as a mouthwash too, as it can soothe gums and sore mouths.

It is a good aid for digestion, and is good for the stomach. If you have lost your appetite, mint in your food will help you regain it. Try mint tea, which is a refreshing drink and will also help you get your appetite

In the language of flowers, it symbolises virtue.