OreganoThis is the herb which is normally found on the top of pizzas Be frugal with this herb, especially the dried variety. A teaspoon is fine! The enchanting aroma of Oregano is known to lovers of Italian food worldwide.

History and Botany

Oregano originated in Greece, and is a member of the mint family of herbs. Its name comes from the Greek, oros meaning mountain, and ganos meaning joy. Greek mythology says that the plant was created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who tended it in her garden on Mount Olympus. She gave it to mortals to make their lives more joyful.

In Greece, the bride and groom would wear garlands of it in their hair at their wedding and it was put on graves so that the dead would rest in peace.

Other uses

Hippocrates used it as an antiseptic and for stomach pains. It is known nowadays a powerful natural antibiotic, and oregano tea is taken for indigestion and to ease coughs.

It was one of the few flavourings for meat used in the dark ages.