TarragonTarragon is an aromatic, perennial herb, important in French cuisine. It’s used to flavour sauces (such as the famous Bernaise sauce) and compliments a wide range of dishes including fish and poultry.

Tarragon goes well with beef, chicken and fish. It imparts a delicious flavour to cream and butter – and it’s an fine addition to many vegetarian dishes.

Tarragon became an integral part of French cookery hundreds of years ago. French tarragon is not to be confused with Russian tarragon or Mexican tarragon. They’re no substitute for the more popular herb, which is also sometimes known as estragon.

Tarragon vinegar is used in Sauce Bernaise – and genuine Tartare Sauce also contains tarragon. This is a herb whose flavour is hard to describe but which is as difficult to replace in the kitchen as it is to grow in the garden.

Rich is antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, tarragon has various uses in herbal medicine, such as a tonic to appetite and remedy for insomnia.